This game is now done as a free minimum viable product (MVP).  However any feedback is appreciated should anyone want the game to evolve further.

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Fintail Gladiator is a combat arena game featuring fish with razor sharp tails. Slash opponents to small fries and eat them all. Survive as long as possible to get a high score. Be careful, the opponents can do the same to your fish by their tail blades.

Control your fish combatant with movement only: your fish is at the front, and the tail blade is at the back. Timing to flip tail blade is key to winning the fintail gladiator arena.

Up to 4 players can play simultaneously, and currently cooperative only, with friendly fire as an option.

Enemy opponents:

  • Razor Tail Tigerfish - Dark fish with bright stripes use their tail blades to shrink players into small fry and eat them.
  • Urchins - Spiky balls that appear from the edges when players take too long to finish waves. Players can first destroy spikes with their tail before slicing the urchin's core.


Control Player 1 Player 2
Keyboard Move - WSAD Confirm - Z Cancel - X Start button - Escape Move - Arrow Keys Confirm - / Cancel - . Start Button - Enter
Gamepad Move - Left or right thumbstick Confirm - South button Cancel - East Button Start button - Center button Same controls applies to all 4 players for gamepad

1-4 players simultaneous play

Settings configures the following:

  • Starting stock (1-9) - Default: 3
  • Stock extend score rate (1,000 - 10,000) - Default: 5000
  • Friendly Fire (On, Off) - Default: Off
  • Opponent Promotion (On, Off) - Allow small fry opponents to regrow to stronger type - Default: Off
  • Dynamic Rank (On, Off) - Difficulty changes from player performance and enemy count - Default: On
  • Starting Rank (1-10) - Starting difficulty level
  • Speed Mode (Fast or Slow) - Overall speed for players and opponents. Slow is good for beginners, fast for seasoned players - Default: Fast

The game is best played on a joystick / thumb stick. Keyboard controls are supported up to 2 players. Up to 4 players can play with gamepad.

Please leave feedback on my discord channel or through this page:

Install instructions

If you are downloading Mac version, Please install the Unarchiver and make as default for all .zip files since this game is not notarized


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